Playing is a perfect way to have fun together. When we play together, a lot of things happen interactions, participation, taking turns, laughter. And on top of all these things, we can work on language. In any game, there are opportunities to use the SAAC for much more than making simple requests (“I want to…”); we can also model language to reject things, give information, make comments, and social interaction. But what words to model? In this blog, we want to offer you what words you can start modeling during some familiar games.

Before you begin, it is essential to discuss the use of communication boards for specific activities during the game, instead of the use of the system of crucial words. Although it is tempting to create folders with a particular vocabulary for each of the games, this should not be done like this, or at least not always done like this. These games are often fun and motivating, making them the perfect time to model essential words and to explore external vocabulary for specific words you might need.

Why we play video games

It’s funny how video games can create bonds of friendship between people, whatever kind of gamer you are, there will always be someone you can share your taste in that or those games that you’re so passionate about, but you’ve ever wondered why we play video games? What do we like so much about them? Many times we develop a passion for them, and even if a gamer becomes good enough in some video game, it can become a professional in it, but all this comes from somewhere within us, that passion for them that burns like wildfire. Come with us to investigate several of the causes of why we play video games?

The answer to why we play video games

Sometimes you have been tired of the routine you carry on your day-to-day, the work, the study, the monotony you develop over time. One day someone asks you out of that monotony in your life: โ€œsome friends will come to my house at night to play ps4, do you want to join us? โ€œEven if you know absolutely nothing about the world of video games, you decide to introduce yourself, and that’s when you discover the whole universe that you’ve been missing out on in your life for the wrong reasons, you’re introduced to the world of video games, and it’s almost perfect. Maybe your case is different, and from an early age, you were lucky, and they gave you some console, how to forget it? That first Nintendo that your parents or grandparents gave you for Christmas, that Atari that belonged and provided countless hours of fun to your father and now inherits it for you to enjoy just as he did. Or in other cases, that maybe we didn’t have a console until later in our lives, but that we had that friend who invited us to his house to play with him after school, to mention a few cases.

Whatever the reason, gamers love video games, and we have had them for a significant part of our lives, we continue to do so, and we continue to enjoy them, perhaps not with the time we had before, or the time we would like to have, but we still do so with the same passion as always, but the question arises again: why do we play video games? Whether or not video games were present in our childhood, who have the joy of being able to enjoy them, we have many reasons why we continue to play them.

An escape from reality

Sometimes we use them as an escape from the routine, we come home after a long day’s work, and all we want is to relax with a couple of casual games, for example: Call Of Duty, give a couple of headshots to a few enemies, play some casual Fifa games to distract from the stress and daily worries, it’s like I already mentioned something casual, even something sporadic, it doesn’t usually happen every day. Another example that in my personal opinion lends a lot to this type of gamer is Grand Theft Auto V or GTA V that because it is a sandbox allows the user to have a feeling ofโ€ freedom ” within the game, since it is not a linear game the gamer can walk the streets of the city without worrying about some fixed objective of a mission.

As a Hobby

In free time, breaks or weekends, the gamer prefers in many cases to stay at home either alone or accompanied you to enjoy a bit more severe and frequent playing video games, often games a little more rooted in terms of story and gameplay (the RPG tends to be a bit more crowded) to enjoy his stories tend to be intriguing and very well-designed, which usually tend to be charged several hours of play in terms of history is concerned, as some may exceed 100 hours of the game to complete it to the maximum.

At a competitive level

Both ps4, Xbox one and Pc games can come to play at a competitive level (professional or not) certain titles that usually attract the attention of the masses and that have the option to be played in this way, for example, we have the famous Call of Duty or franchises as Mortal Kombat X. There are even tournaments that celebrate this genre of video games like the famous and largest tournament worldwide EVO, which receives players from all over the world to prove who is the best.

Whatever the reason why we play video games? You have to value a match for what it is, for the effort and remember why we play them, the feelings that evoke some titles, that perhaps remind us of our childhood, or quality time and fun that we spend with our friends, brothers or sometimes family and that in most cases why do we play video games? Is to escape to a place where we can feel comfortable and able to enjoy a whole alternate universe in our lives and to share it with people like us need a respite, of the society and of the monotony in which we tend to fall sometimes. This personally is the main reason why you enjoy video games. As I mentioned earlier, there are other reasons as well, but I think they all stem from this feeling, which we should keep in mind whenever we play video games.

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