Clash Royale

SK Gaming has been proclaimed the winner of the 2019 fall season of the Clash Royale League (CRL) West, new competition this year, that brings together players and clubs from Europe, North America and Latin America.

The German club finished the regular phase in first position with a balance of ten victories and only one defeat, granted in the last week – when nothing was played – against Team Queso. This position earned them to play directly the final and have their presence guaranteed in the world finals.

The playoff format has allowed each team to avoid a certain number of rounds depending on their position. Thus, SK Gaming was able to enter directly in the final, Team Queso (2nd) in the penultimate round, Team Liquid (3rd) in the third, Fnatic (4th) in the second and NRG (5th) and Immortals (6th) started from the first.

This first round was for NRG Esports, which was imposed by two to zero, although both sets were decided by the minimum. More tight was their confrontation with Fnatic, which was in favor of the European team by two to one.

Fnatic’s journey ended very soon, as Team Liquid managed to beat them by two to one – with comfortable victories in the two sets they won. Liquid, champion of the CRL West in spring, won the semifinal against Team Queso – two to zero, although very close both sets – and thus guaranteed their participation in the world finals and in the CRL West.

SK Gaming showed in the Grand Final that it is the best team in the league and began winning the first set, two against two, with a victory of the Germans Morten and Xopxsam against the American DiegoB and the Spanish Kanariooo by two to one. The Spanish Javi14 was in charge of putting the two to zero for SK against the Dutch Surgical Goblin and, with it, allow to caress the title to his team.


San Francisco Shock has been proclaimed champion of the second season of the Overwatch League after winning the Grand Final of the competition to Vancouver Titans, a club with which he has maintained great duels throughout the regular phase.
The team, owned by NRG Esports, was one of the twelve that were part of the first season, although on that occasion they ended up in a mediocre ninth place. For the second season they made only a few signings, although several of them have ended up being key in the course of it.
The Californian team has been one of the most regular throughout the season and reached the finals of all phases, winning the second and being runner-up in the first and third. In the fourth, he was also one of the two teams that managed to win all his matches.
Despite this, they finished the regular phase in second position behind Vancouver Titans . As Canadians are also part of the Atlantic division, San Francisco Shock had to settle for the third seed in favor of New York Excelsior, the best team in the Atlantic division, so he ended up paired with Atlanta Reign in the first round of playoffs .
The Atlanta surprised San Francisco by winning four to three in the quarterfinals, which relegated the Californians to have them ascend from the bottom of the box.
Since that time, the trajectory of San Francisco Shock has been simply spectacular. For this part of the picture he managed to defeat London Spitfire, Los Angeles Gladiators, Hangzhou Spark and New York Excelsior, all of them by four to zero, to sneak into the grand final.
In the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Vancouver Titans, which hosted the grand finale of this second season, the other great dominator of the season, was waiting for them. Although it promised to be a very close final, San Francisco Shock was faithful to their run in the playoffs and dispatched the ‘process’ with a blunt 4 to 0.
South Korean Choi ‘ChoiHyoBin’ Hyo-bin has been chosen as MVP of the grand final. Another of his teammates, the American Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won , has been chosen as MVP of the regular phase, which is a great recognition of the individual performance of San Francisco Shock players during the season.

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