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  1. Games of the week: addictive Games

This week we present you with a collection of addictive games, but addictive. Indeed, you will not be able to stop playing them over and over again!

These games are developed for people of all ages, and many of them will surely cause you nostalgia because you used to play them on paper, whether in a newspaper or a magazine.

Of all the addictive gaming titles we have in Member Manager, there is no one we do not recommend, so the best thing you can do is visit that section of games, where you will find, among others:

  • Mahjongg Candy: you must form pairs of candy, jelly beans, and chocolates that will leave you with your mouth made of water.
  • Jigsaw Blast: a fantastic puzzle game, in each game you will receive a set of different images that you must sort and fit.
  • 5 Roll: play the dice and try your luck in this game of chance, throwing the dice over and over again.
  • Daily Crossword: solve online crossword puzzles, each day you will enjoy a new one, and the best: you don’t need a pencil and eraser to fill them.
  • Sudoku: one of the most popular games in the world, the fashion game, where you will have to fill boxes of numbers without repeating them.
  • Trizzle: a game where you will combine puzzles using matrices, which you must put online.
  • Spellbound: A Scramble-style game, if you think you’re good with word games, try to play and solve it as soon as possible.
  • Enjoy these and other fun games on our website, we guarantee you will love them!
  1. Benefits of video games

In addition to providing a lot of fun, video games play an important role in human development as they help with the following points:

Stimulate mental development

Playing 30 minutes a day increases gray matter, according to a study conducted in Germany. Memory and brain areas responsible for planning and strategy are stimulated.

Stimulate creative development

Playing video games improves performance, accuracy, and speed in order to perform daily activities. It also encourages creativity.

Make better decisions

A study of children with dyslexia found that dyslexia increases their attention capacity and allowed them to make better decisions, as having limited time in games, they need to perform a quick analysis to choose an appropriate option.

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