• Players must wear non-marking tennis shoes. Basketball, jogging or other types of athletic shoes are not acceptable.  No dark soled shoes of any kind are permitted on the tennis courts.
  • Players must sign in at the courts when playing when they have not previously reserved a court. Sign in should include name and time of use. Sign in sheet is posted at the lakeside tennis courts.
  • Proper tennis attire is required. Proper cover ups for ladies and shirts for men must be worn.
  • No food, food containers, or glass containers are permitted on the courts.
  • All players should be familiar with basic tennis etiquette. Players should not walk behind or onto the playing surface of another court while a point is in play.
  • Profanity and loudness will not be tolerated.
  • Only players are allowed on the courts. No children and/or spectators.
  • No skateboards, rollerblades, skates, bicycles or dogs are permitted on the courts. The courts are for tennis only.
  • Court lights should be extinguished at the end of play. Gates should be kept closed at all times.


1)   Playing time will be as follows:

Poolside courts:                8:00am – 10:00pm
Lakeside courts:               8:00am – 11:00pm

  • ALTA home matches and team practice sessions take precedent over all other reservations. Rainout or other ALTA team make-up matches also take precedent. ALTA team captains should notify the tennis coordinator asap should a home match be canceled due to weather. If courts are previously reserved, ALTA Team captains shall notify the reserving members of the need to play an ALTA match.
  • Captains must get their Official League Match Schedules, Practice Schedules, and a copy of the team roster to the Tennis Coordinator as soon as possible, after season schedule is available. Any changes to team roster have to be immediately reported to tennis coordinator.
  • The Tennis Coordinator, based on responses from #3, will reserve two adjoining courts for 4 hours for each home match and 2 hours for each scheduled practice.

5)   Team Captains are responsible, after each match and each practice, to ensure their courts are cleaned, the two courtside trash baskets emptied, and the large trash container outside the playing area is emptied.


  • Reservations shall be on the hour and shall be for a duration of one hour. Play may extend beyond the reserved hour if no one is waiting to use the reserved court.
  • Individual courts may not be reserved more than 2 weeks in advance of the reserved time.
  • A reserved court shall be considered open after 10 minutes if no show.
  • One person may occupy a reserved court for solo practice.
  • No on shall be allowed to make reservations for another with the exception of family members.


  • One poolside and one lakeside court shall be designated as open tennis courts and cannot be reserved except for MCRA tournaments, ALTA matches, or ALTA practices.
  • Upon arrival, players should sign-up and record their starting time of play.
  • One player may hold a court for 10 minutes.
  • A single player must relinquish his court to multiple players after 30 minutes of practice.
  • Children (12 years and under) may be bumped from a court by an adult after 8:00 pm on Monday through Friday.


  • Permission to block off courts for pre-season matches with other teams must be approved in advance by the Tennis Coordinator.
  • All persons on ALTA rosters on teams originating from Mountain Creek subdivision must be paid MCRA Members. Mountain Creek ATLA Team members who are not MCRA members must pay a $25.00 fee per season to MCRA. These rules apply to USTA teams, T2 tennis and Kswiss leagues. Residents of Mountain Creek who are not Permanent members as established by the MCRA Board of Directors cannot participate on Mountain Creek ALTA Teams.
  • All ALTA captains are responsible for collecting the non-member dues and turn them in at the end of the 7 week regular season.
  • MCRA Permanent Members must be in good standing, with their dues, to participate in team activities.
  • ALTA practice and home matches reservations will be for either the two upper courts or the two lower courts
  • 6)   If more than one ALTA team is scheduled for a home match at the same time, the assignment of the upper and lower courts will be based on a racquet spin between the two team captains or their designees.


  • Flagrant violations of these rules may result in loss of family tennis privileges for a length of time to be determined by the MCRA Board of Directors.