Note: Print a copy of this Help Guide to help you through setting up PayPal for use with either the Dues function or the Event Fees function.

Note: From time to time, PayPal updates or changes its account creation process. If you find that their process no longer matches this procedure, contact Member Manager and we will guide you through the process (as well as update our procedure for other clubs.).

General Description

To collect Dues and/or Event Fees for your organization via Member Manager, your organization must have a PayPal account for the money to be deposited into.

Having a PayPal account is free. For the PayPal account to accept credit card payments, it must be a PayPal Business Account and then it will accept any of the major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx or Discover) automatically with no set-up. PayPal does charge a small transaction fee for each transaction but there are no setup or monthly fees with PayPal. PayPal charges $0.30 per transaction plus something like 1.9% – 2.9% for each transaction. For instance, if an Event Fee or your organization Dues were $100 and the fee was 2.9%, PayPal would deposit $96.80 ($100 minus $0.30 minus $100 * 2.9% which equals $100 – $0.30 – $2.90) into your PayPal account for each payment. Member Manager does not receive any percentage of any payment using the Dues and Fees feature except the $20 yearly Dues & Fees Feature activation fee.

PayPal is safe. It is owned by eBay and was created to handle payments from bidders to sellers in the eBay system but is used by many, many online businesses outside eBay. It is the most used payment system on the internet and processes payments for billions of dollars a year. Since it will only process payments from your members into your organization, it will be very safe for your organization and its members to use.

PayPal accounts are identified by an email address associated with the PayPal account (the email address that is to receive emails whenever payments are made to the PayPal account). All Member Manager needs in order to direct Dues and Fees payments to your organization is that email address. Everything else is handled by PayPal so nothing is in Member Manager about your payments and your account very secure.

You must create your PayPal Business Account before going to Features & Payment in Member Manager and activating the Dues and Fees Feature.

Before creating your PayPal Account you need to gather the following information:

  • An email address to use as the PayPal Login UserID. It is best if it can be an email address like instead of the email address of the current treasurer.

  • Your organization’s bank account information (Routing Code, Account Number and Bank name) for setting up the electronic transfers from PayPal directly into your club’s checking or savings account .

Setting up PayPal for Member Manager is a five step process

  1. In PayPal – The organization (treasurer) sets up a PayPal Business Account.

  2. In PayPal – The PayPal Business Account’s identifying email address is verified by an automated exchange of emails.

  3. In PayPal – The organization (treasurer) logs into the PayPal account and associates it with the organization’s Bank Account or Checking Account

  4. In PayPal – PayPal makes two small deposits into the organization’s account and the treasurer goes online and confirms the amount of the deposits.

  5. In Member Manager – The Member Manager site Administrator uses Features & Payment to insert the PayPal Account email address into Member Manager.

Step by step Instructions

Note: Try to put in “Organization Treasurer” information and an “Organization Treasurer” email address instead of “personal” information. It makes it much easier when your organization switches Treasur ers. If you are already a PayPal member, it is best to not use that account. It is best to have an organization email address to use with the PayPal Business Account (i.e. If you do not have an organization email address, see Domain Registration in the Help Guide. .

Step 1: Creating the account is easy and the following instructions are designed to help you create the account if you need help.

  • >Setting up your PayPal account, click on PayPal
  • Go to
  • Click on Sign Up at the top of the screen, next to Log In.
  • Select your Country and Language and under Business, click on Get Started
  • Under Select Payment Solution select Website Payments Standard and on the next screen, click on Go .
  • On the Business Account Screen, enter your Organization Information.
    • Where it asks for Sales Venue, check My Own Website and enter
    • (Note that at the bottom of the screen where it asks for Customer Service email and phone, that would be your Treasurer’s information, like )
  • Enter the Business Owner Contact Information (really the organization information).
  • Enter the postal mail address for the owner (organization).
  • For the PayPal Account Login information enter and re-enter (confirm) the treasurer email address and enter and re-enter the password you want to use to access your PayPal Account and write these down until you have them committed to memory.
  • Select two security questions from the dropdown lists (favorite pet’s name, etc.) and provide your answers (for use if you forget your password).
  • Read the User Agreement and Privacy Policy and (if you agree) select Yes for both.
  • Type in the “Security Measure” characters shown in the graphics. (Many sites use this technique to increase security. A hacker’s program cannot read the letters, so a person actually has to be there.)
  • Select the preferences you prefer for your account.
  • Credit Card Statement Name Specify what you want your member to see on his/her Credit Card statement regarding the payment. It is limited to 11 characters. Use something like Womensorganization or Kiwanis-BI.
  • For the following options, if they are not presented in the setup procedure, log in and click on Profile.
  • Select Instant Payment Notification (IPN) and enter and turn on IPN.
  • Select Website Payment Preferences
    • Set Auto Return to OFF
    • Set Payment Data Transfer to OFF
    • Set PayPal Account Optional to ON. This setting allows your site to accept credit card payments from members without making them sign up for a PayPal account.
  • Click on Save.

Your account is now created.

Step 2:  Now you will receive emails and will have to go through a PayPal confirmation process. Just do what the email says to do.

Step 3:  Now you need to associate your organization’s bank or checking account with your PayPal account so that periodically you can move money from the PayPal account into your organization bank or checking account.

  • Go back to PayPal ( and Log In with the email address and password you specified.
  • Once you are logged in, in the upper left of the screen, select the Add Bank Account to add your organizations bank account.
  • Follow the bank account confirmation process.

Your PayPal account is now all set.

Step 4:  Go to Features and Payments in your Member Manager site and enter your PayPal UserID (email address) into the PayPal field.

Your PayPal account is now set up. Click on  Dues  to go back to the “Getting Started” tutorial for Dues or click on Event Fees to go back to the “Getting Started” tutorial for Event Fees.