Kiwanis International was founded January 21, 1915, in Detroit, Michigan, by Allen Simpson Browne, a Moose lodge organizer, and Joseph G. Prance, a tailor.  Kiwanis is an organization devoted to the principle of service; to the advancement of individual, community, and national welfare; and to the strengthening of international goodwill. Kiwanis membership spans the globe, with more than 300,000 members in more than , giving on average $70 million and 6.5 million volunteer hours for community service each year.

The first organizational meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Bainbridge Island was held on June 3, 1958 at the Martinique Restaurant in Winslow. Present from Bainbridge Island were Lou Goller, George Thompson, Walt Woodward, Sam Clarke, Tom Dean and Ed Ulloa, along with Steve Selak and Chuck Reynolds from the Downtown Seattle Kiwanis Club, which was to be the sponsor of the new club. Lou Goller was elected President pro-tem.

Another organizational meeting was held on July 8, 1958 at the Coffee Shop Restaurant in Winslow. In attendance at this meeting was Ambrose Richards, a Kiwanian since 1919 who was a charter member of the Seattle Club. He advised that members “pull together and stick together”. It was motioned by Walt Woodward and seconded by Sam Clark that the membership fee be set at $10.00 per member, and that annual dues be established at $24.00.

The first meeting of the Board of Directors was held July 15, 1958 with Lou Goller as President. First Vice President was Gordon Herron, Second Vice President was Sam Clarke, Treasurer was Tom Dean, and Secretary Ed Ulloa.

The official charter date of the Kiwanis Club of Bainbridge Island is July 15, 1958.

Kiwanian of the Year Award Winners:

1993    Bob Osborne
1994    Hugh Macaulay
1995    Norm Barquist
1997    Barbara Swartling
1998    Dave Webb
1999    Mari Ellingsen
2000    Ron Westall
2001    Bill Brown
2002    Tom Watson
2003    Greg Geehan
2004    Ed Johnson
2005    Rich Kucera
2006    John Jay
2007    Kris Ekern
2008    Guy Cauthers
2009    John Jay
2010    Laurie Isenman
2011    Jim Snook
2012    Liz Murray
2013    ??

Hixson Fellows:

            Hugh McCauley
Bob Drew
Dave Webb
Liz Murray
Bill Brown
Kris Ekern
John Jay
Chuck Maclearnsberry

            Rich Kucera
            Beth Balder
            Fred Grimm
            ​Tom Watson

Lou Goller Award Winners:

2011 Ralph M. Weaver
2012 John Jay
2013 ??

Past Presidents:

1958    Louis H. Goller
1959    Gordon Herron
1960    Herbert W. Allen
1961    Walter L. Studerus
1962    Karl J. Johansson
1963    Edgar M. King
1964    Jack N. Tarabochia
1965    Robert H. Schroeder
1966    Arthur K. Jorgenson
1967    John H. Rudolph
1968    James G. Hearick
1969    Vern L. Herren
69/70   W. Stockton Higgins
70/71   W. Stockton Higgins
71/72   George V. Nesheim
72/73   Melvin T. Klinefelter
73/74   Robert L. Norrie
74/75   Fred M. Grimm
75/76   John L. Osier
76/77   Bruce C. Tomlinson
77/78   Edward E. Johnson
78/79   Allen Harader
79/80   Don M. Drury
80/81   Chuck Maclearnsberry
81/82   Richard L. Kossen
82/83   Charles Field
83/84   John M. Jay
84/85   Richard D. Powers
85/86   Richard W. Stabler
86/87   Wes Wells
87/88   Ross Thronburgh
88/89   Ralph M. Weaver
89/90   Alice Collingwood
90/91   Scott Balsam
91/92   Marty S. Sievertson
92/93   Tim Walker
93/94   Norm Barquist
94/95   Liz Murray
95/96   Bob Wilcox
96/97   David Webb
97/98   Laurel Caplan
98/99   Bob Drew
99/00   Kathy Hendrickson
00/01   Barbara Swartling
01/02   Fred M. Grimm
02/03   John Jay
03/04   Rob Hillman
04/05   Tom Watson
05/06   Kris Ekern
06/07   Greg Geehan
07/08   Chuck Maclearnsberry
08/09   Dean Newcomb
09/10   Beth Balder
10/11  John Jay
11/12  Tom Watson
12/13  Jim Snook