The following features will be benificial to all types of clubs and organizations:

    Makes the Club Secretary’s and Treasurer’s job easier – Using Member Manager makes their job much simpler, requires less of their time and improves their quality.

    • Most members can update their own information – saving time for the secretary
    • Members can look up other member’s contact information instead of calling an officer
    • Members can send their own club emails without the Secretary having to maintain a email distribution list or send it for them
    • Collecting event fees (like Dinners) and club dues on-line allows the treasurer to not have to handle each envelope and check individually
    Improves the transition to new Officers

    • The new officer may not have the same software as the previous one
    • Each new Secretary or Treasurer usually develops his/her own system, often losing the progress made by the previous officer
    • Data kept on the previous officer’s PC is generally lost. If the Data is kept in Member Manager remains there and is not lost
    • Use of Member Manager provides a consistency through various officer regimes
    • Custom data fields provide flexability for each type of club

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