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Member directories club member management club member management
Announcements Page club member management club member management
Custom data fields club member management club member management
Document folders club member management club member management
Custom reports club member management club member management

Events calendar club member management club member management
Email club member management club member management
Forums club member management club member management
Photo galleries club member management club member management
Committees/Offices/Families club member management club member management
Security levels club member management club member management

Online member application club member management
Surveys club member management
Website pages club member management
Domain registration and masking club member management

Member dues club member management
Event fees club member management
Paypal processing club member management
Managing your money club member management
Instant treasurer’s reports club member management

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*First 100 members are included free and then $50 per 100 members after that. All member photos are included free and the first 100 files and “other” photos are included free and after that $10 per 100 files and “other” photos.


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Basic Package

Member Online Update

  • Members can update their own personal information on-line
  • Members can view other members’ up-to-date information
  • New members can associate a name with a face
  • Members can store a bio/resume
  • All the information is stored in an on-line database where everyone can use it

Member Directories

  • Upload a photo of each member for viewing on-line.
  • Members can upload their own photos.
  • Click on View Member to display member information and the photo
  • Any member can print a current member roster with email and phone numbers.
  • Or, any member can create a PDF and then print, a member directory with photos of each member (which is perfect for new members to help them learn the names of existing members). Member Directory size options are: 8.5″ x 11″ or 5.5″ x 8.5″ or 3″ x 5″ (as shown to the right, from top to bottom). The two smaller sizes are designed to be cut and drilled at a print shop.

Announcements Page

  • Easy to maintain area for Announcements (“Don’t forget to register for the Dinner!”)
  • Available either before logging in, or after, or both

Custom data fields

  • The standard data fields can be expanded with custom data fields you create specifically for your organization, such as “Date Joined” or “Children’s Names”.
  • They can be freeform or select from a list

Document Folders

  • Store files on the web for all to use.
  • Create on-line folders with group-based security to define which members can view and/or edit files within each folder
  • Add, view and delete files and/or whole folders.

Custom reports

  • Members can print address lists, rosters, committee member lists, attendance sheets, calling trees, etc..
  • A report generator is included allowing you to easily create custom reports.
  • The data from any standard report can be downloaded into a spreadsheet.

Silver Package – Contains Everything in the Basic Package plus the Following:

Events calendar

  • Events can be scheduled and members can register to attend.
  • Repeating and reoccurring events are available
  • Events can be specified as visible before logging in, after or both
  • Month and list calendar formats are available for viewing and printing.
  • An on-line report shows who has registered for the event.


  • Members keep their own email addresses.
  • In Member Manager, Members send only to other Member’s email systems.
  • Select from a list of members and send the email right from the member area.
  • Individual addresses and distribution lists in Microsoft Outlook are no longer needed and the data on-line is always current.
  • Members can address emails to Groups, Officers and/or Committees by the group office or committee name.
  • Use for project notes, event notices, dues notification, newsletters, etc.


  • Allows any member to solicit comments on a posed question. It would work well for many kinds of organizations and especially for health related support groups to discuss how various medicines work and their side effects.
  • The Discussion Forum function maintains a thread of all responses.
  • Anyone can respond to the posed question or to any of the responses.
  • The topic owner and/or site administrator can moderate the discussion, i.e. remove “unwanted” or off topic comments.

Photo galleries

  • Create a Photo Gallery in minutes with a title and description for each photo.
  • Add, view and delete photos and/or whole galleries.


  • Through the Groups function, Groups, Committes, Offices and/or Families can be created and maintained. Relationships can be defined for Committe Chairpersons or Parent or Child, etc.
  • You may print officer, group, family and committee rosters or reports.

Security Levels

  • Specify who can do what
  • Anything that can be done in Member Manager can be enabled/prohibited
  • Security is specified through Groups
  • What you can do is determined by which groups you are a member of

Gold Package – Contains Everything in the Silver Package plus the Following:

Online member application

  • Non-members can apply for membership
  • Online membership application form
  • Membership coordinator(s) alerted via email of application
  • Applicant enters own member information
  • Automated membership process
  • Member creation is automatic
  • Membership coordinator responds from special screen using accept or deny email templates


  • Create and administer surveys to your membership
  • Anonymous or not
  • Can be used for elections

Website pages

  • For organizations that either do not currently have a web site
    Or, that have a website but want to make the Member Manager site their whole website.
  • Easily create, edit and delete website pages
  • If you can format with a word processor, you can make Member Manager web pages
  • Pages can be – only visible to the public (without logging in) – only visible after logging in – or both.

Domain registration and masking

  • Have your own domain name ( in the header instead of
  • We will obtain and manage your Domain Name for you for a small fee

Platinum Package – Contains Everything in the Gold Package plus the Following:

Member dues

  • A Dues Item is defined as a combination of the below
    • Dues can be by group where everyone pays at the same time
    •     or can be triggered by an individual anniversary date
    • The dues amount can be a fixed amount for everyone
    •     or the dues amount can be based on a Per Unit Cost times the value in a custom data field
  • For complex dues environments, you can have as many Dues Items as needed
  • Members are automatically sent reminder emails
  • Members can view their dues online
  •     and may pay their dues on-line via credit card
  •     or may choose to pay the treasurer directly instead of on-line.

Event fees

  • Associate fees with your Calendar events, i.e. for a Dinner: Members $25 and Guests $35.
  • Members may register and pay for the event on-line via credit card.
  • Members may register on-line but choose to pay the treasurer directly instead of on-line.
  • Event registration reports show the event coordinator who has paid for the event.

PayPal processing

  • Have the ease of collecting money online via the industry leader PayPal
  • Save your treasurer’s time by handling many payments in one transfer instead of individually
  • Payments go into the club’s PayPal account and are easily transferred electronically into your club’s bank accounts
  • Receipt notifications for each payment are sent to the person paying and the treasurer.
  • Member Manager never touches your money or sees your member’s credit card information. It all happens inside PayPal

Managing your money

  • Automatic Treasurer’s Report
  • Maintain multiple Accounts
  • Transactions can be allocated over multiple Categories
  • Budgeting and Budget Reports
  • Custom Reporting
  • Balancing against your Bank Statements

Instant Treasurer’s reports

  • The key to Money Manager is automatic Treasurer’s Report creation
  • Account balances
  • Performance against budget
  • Period Transactions