Our founder, a semi-retired computer executive, built a data base and member directory for his favorite club. After several editions, he found people coming up and saying “You have my address wrong.” But, what he really heard was “You have my address wrong.” and soon he started building a website for his club members so they could be self-reliant and keep their own information up to date.

One night, he woke up and sat up in bed and said “Every club and organizatioln in the world has this problem!” And thus, Member Manager was formed in 2003 with the first two clubs starting use in May of 2004 and both are still using Member Manager today.

Member Manager has gone through many Releases and has added many, many functions and usability features that are not available in similar software charging 5 – 10 times more.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a simple way for smaller clubs and organizations to be able to (and afford to) effectively manage their members and organization functions.

While Member Manager works well for organizations with over 5,000 members, it is designed to provide a web site for smaller organizations that is easy to maintain by non-technical people and still be affordable by those small clubs. Many times, the whole Member Manager web site costs less than a bare, build-it-yourself web site.

A Note From Our Founder

We, at Member Manager, are all members of various clubs and organizations just like you are. We confess, however, that we are computer “geeks” and therefore, club secretaries have frequently asked us questions about how to easily manage club data, maintain club lists and send event notifications.

We saw club secretaries struggle to make all the address, phone and email changes, send out club emails and print out all the lists and materials. The information was all stored on the secretary’s computer and therefore inaccessible to other club members. As club secretaries ourselves, we were often burdened by this same dilemma. And to top it all off, when secretaries changed over, much of the past data and most of the progress was lost.

Also, many clubs that use Member Manager now do so because a dedicated member built a great website for the club and then either left the club, moved away, or just became tired of maintaining it and the club was left with a site they could not maintain.

So, we came up with a better solution! We decided to join together and form Member Manager, LLC. to provide a solution for every club or club secretary at a cost that any club can afford. Our target is to have the cost so low that it is almost incidental! We have had non-profit organizations thank us for allowing them to use that extra money for their worthy goal instead of for information technology!

Our company’s goal is to ease the burdens of club secretaries and treasurers and provide tools to make members more self-sufficient, as well as improve the management of the clubs.

Our Member Manager team averages over 20 years of IT (Information Technology) experience in IT management, programming and technical support. Our IT experience is in Fortune 100 companies, mid-size companies, small companies, start-ups and as individual consultants to other companies. We “know” IT.

Our plan is to work diligently to protect your data. We will also strive to automate everything to reduce labor and keep your costs as low as possible.

We hope you like the functionality of Member Manager and that it helps you manage your club, group or organization.


Tom Watson

Founder and President
Member Manager, LLC.