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Map for Directions 
Long Lake Rd 0.4 mi E of Woodward (just W of Railroad Overpass)
Then N on Stonycroft Lane

           Golf Shop..............1
            Business Office....5 







































































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         Satellite View 













       Aerial Photo by Paul Huber     Link to Full Resolution Photo
























Hole 1 -- Stonycroft’s only Men's par five hole opens with a tee shot over the pond. The second shot often contends with a fairway sloping right toward "jail" (hitting from the rough under a tree.




   Length    Blue 467      White 462       Gold 462       Red 438   Par 5


 Photo by Mindy Saunders  






















Hole 2 -- Trees line both sides of the hilly fairway. The second shot must be mindful of a traversing creek.

     Length    Blue 402      White 383      Gold 351       Red 334   Par 4


  Photo by Mindy Saunders  






















Hole 3 -- Elevated tees and out-of-bounds trees along the right of this par-3 hole demand a straight tee shot.

     Length    Blue 192      White 164      Gold 136      Red 118   Par 3


  Photo by Mindy Saunders  























Hole 4 -- Gentle dogleg right from the top of the steep tree-lined hill at mid-fairway.


   Length    Blue 297      White 288      Gold 279      Red 269   Par 4



  Photo by Mindy Saunders  






















Hole 5 -- From the top of the hill, looking down on the mighty oak that marks the apex of the dog leg toward the right. 


  Length    Blue 369      White 358      Gold 348      Red 338  Par 4



  Photo by Mindy Saunders  



















Hole 6 -- An out-of-bounds creek lines the right side of this short Par 4, with huge pines blocking a short dogleg right to the green. 

   Length    Blue 290      White 282      Gold 282      Red 270    Par 4 


  Photo by Mindy Saunders  





















Hole 7 -- A series of hills with trees and out-of-bounds on the right up to a newly-renovated green. 

     Length    Blue 307      White 300      Gold 294      Red 284   Par 4


  Photo by Mindy Saunders  





















Hole 8 -- Stonycroft’s most difficult hole from elevated tees, requires a good drive plus a blind approach shot. 

   Length    Blue 436      White 424      Gold 415      Red 405   Par 4 (5 Ladies)


  Photo by Mindy Saunders  


















Hole 9 -- The scenic final hole over the pond, is framed by trees and the Stonycroft clubhouse.  

          Length    Blue 142      White 125      Gold 120      Red 108   Par 3


  Photo by Mindy Saunders  



























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